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Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Reduce Time & Cost of Moving to Microsoft Office 365 with LTech Luxury Technology.

​Enterprises all over the world have accelerated performance by moving to Microsoft Office 365, the cloud versions of Microsoft’s most-trusted communications and collaboration products. The combination of these powerful applications and LTech Luxury Technology’s industry-leading experience help customers quickly gain the benefits of new technologies.

LTech Luxury Technology starts by working with you on a comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 Fit Assessment and optional proof-of-concept pilots to determine if Office 365 is the right fit for your organization. Once a plan is in place, we quickly move to deployment with our Microsoft Office 365 Accelerated Migration Services. Our approach takes a comprehensive business view of the integration—from the financial impact right down to the technical details. It’s a proven method that provides your enterprise with a seamless transition to the cloud – so you start realizing results as soon as possible.

LTech Luxury Technology’s assets support smooth implementations, reducing deployment times by up to 30% over customer-led migrations.

Tested with all the major migration tools for both Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Cost-saving implementation processes and faster rollout enable you to realize a faster return on investment.

LTech Luxury Technology has completed more than hundred mailbox migrations.


Office 365 delivers the latest applications and services from Microsoft direct to your users as a managed service. No more server upgrades, big bang software upgrades or monitoring data centers, just use it.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is built on Enterprise grade principles and technology and run by the best in the business. This means you can get on with running your business whilst Microsoft takes care of running your core IT services.

Cloud Business successfully consult, plan, migrate and support their clients, across all sectors and were recently recognized as best in the world at what we do with Office 365.

Office 365 Support:

  • Office 365 support to make the most out of your subscription.
  • Office 365 training available for admin and end users.
  • 5 star support for your IT users, solve most issues within 30 minutes.
  • Expert help from award winning support staff.

LTech Luxury Technology is an expert in Office 365, having strong members of the Partner Smart team.

We provide first, second and third line support for many companies, often after successfully completing their migration to Office 365.
We know Office 365 like the back of our hand and any user in your company can speak to an Office 365 expert within 10 rings.

Find out more give us a call or email on:

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Office 365
+966-12-6837446 Ext. 300
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